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Indian Valley Carriage Company is based in a beautiful valley of the same name on the southern edge of Novato. From here, we provide an insured and professional, carriage service for our local valley, the town of Novato, as well as the Bay Area and Northern California.

My formal carriage is a black and maroon “vis-à-vis”, the French term for the two seats where the passengers sit “face to face”. I can carry up to six passengers but the actual number varies with consideration for the terrain we would be traversing and the combined weight of the passengers. The carriage provides for a smooth quiet comfortable ride on pavement or other hard surfaces. The black convertible top can be raised for reasons of weather, comfort, or privacy.

The green three seat surrey with the fringe on top, is a less formal yet very elegant ride where all the passengers sit at the same height as the driver, and all face forward with a good view of the horses. The permanent top is a nice relief from direct sunlight, and the open sides offer excellent visibility. It seats 4 to 6 guests depending on size.

The covered wagon is for large groups, it seats up to twelve, sitting six per cushioned bench facing sideways across from each other, with nothing but space for legs, knees, and feet. This beautiful wagon handcrafter from African Mahogany features ample shade and visibilty when the sides are rolled up. In inclement weather, the sides drop down providing dry passage in the rain with a view out of the clear plastic windows. Riders access the seating by climbing two steps with the aid of two handrails.


I offer the following services:

Summer evening and moonlight rides: Enjoy the Indian Valley countryside along with friends, family, or someone special during a one-hour relaxing carriage ride. Evening carriage rides are about slowing down and seeing your surroundings at a leisurely pace. Guests may bring their own refreshments, blankets, and/or musical intruments

Weddings: “……love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage.” The use of a carriage for your wedding day adds a special elegant yet lively look, whether on city streets to or from the ceremony, or at an outside venue where the horse, and carriage can provide a wonderful backdrop for pictures.

Holiday Lights Tour: Starting by the second week in December, Indian Valley Carriage offers 55 minute tours of decorated housed, highlighting the Rombeiro Christmas House on Devonshire in Novato. Monday through Wednesday night we use the six person carriage while on Thursday through Sunday nights, we offer the 12 person wagon. Guests are encouraged to bring adequate blankets, jackets, and hats, because no one has fun when they are cold. Start a wonderful tradition with family and friends looking at the lights as you are being pulled around Novato.

Private Parties: Carriage rides during private parties are a great way to entertain guests while allowing them a scenic foray through your surroundings. Rides are a excellent ways to offer your guests some quiet relaxing time away from the larger crowd. Oftentimes, our vehicles are used to shuttle guests from a parking area to the main facility or from the reception area to a second site.

Child Birthday Parties: Treat your child and their friends to a wagon ride, down to the Ice Cream fountain, candy store, or any other destination. A carriage of young ladies being taken to their special luncheon, or a wagon load of teenagers, most kids like to be seen and heard cruising through their town, looking for friends etc.

Parades: Provide great publicity for your company, and honor employees or clients with a big presence in your local town parade or event. Horses draw attention to themselves, and any banners or proclamations on the vehicles they are pulling.

Touring Rides: Use one of our vehicles as your personal slow limousine to view areas of special interest. Arrangements can be made to meet at any number of different venues with the only limitation being the need for surfaces and terrains to be conducive to the safety of the horses and passengers.

Movies and Photography: Indian Valley Carriage Company is available for movies, videos, and commercials. Our elegant team and line up of vehicles can steal the show, or serve as a wonderful backdrop for that special shot.

Gift Certificates: Indian Valley Carriage Company offers gift certificates for all occasions. Give a unique gift, one of relaxation and tranquility.

Prices: Please contact me regarding fees and availability via email or phone (415-309-8618).